About us

For more than a quarter of a century, UAB Tigbis has been successfully developing universal and niche technological solutions in the field of telecommunications control. Starting its operations in 1995, the company has focused its electronics design and manufacturing on the need for law enforcement agencies, banks and other commercial organizations to store and process large amounts of data to meet the high security requirements of such activities. Over time, the company’s competencies have expanded to include the development and maintenance of centralized telecommunications event and content control monitoring centers.

UAB Tigbis is proud of its experience in designing innovative video and audio recording equipment. The global pace of technological evolution and the region’s geopolitical dynamics are forcing the company to continually improve and expand its horizons. Overcoming the challenges of innovation inevitably expands the range of products produced. Today, UAB Tigbis can also offer various equipment for scanning the radio network, recording events and content generated by cellular terminals, and detecting and neutralizing unmanned equipment.

For remotely controlled (or operating autonomously) and field-used radio control equipment, UAB Tigbis has designed a unique, highly accurate, dynamic single or group device control platform that is easily adaptable both in vehicles and statically, e.g. tripod.

UAB Tigbis is important to address the changing needs of the customer. We aim to identify and distinguish the universal and unique aspects of this need so that we can offer everyone the product that best meets their needs. The company’s motto: to adapt our equipment to each customer’s needs!